How are you doing things differently?

TYP Ltd will consult with local authorities, businesses, chambers of commerce, trade organisations and those that matter most – the young people – to establish crafted solutions that can provide the optimum preparation to mainstream employment.

It is not just about the networking approach that TYP Ltd will use but also overcoming the administration of working together or capturing financial support, which can be so difficult for established organisations to achieve in a time of cutbacks and reduced capacity.

TYP Ltd is about making something happen – as it is wanted, where it is wanted. It is about a sound and extensive network of professionals and expertise to produce bespoke outcomes.

How Does it Work?

The issue that TYP Ltd has found is that young people lack experience in the work place and are therefore unable to sell themselves to businesses or find suitable employment.

The answer is to engage government organisations, charities and businesses to sponsor a “learning business” which provides employment to those young people, developing them in people skills and working skills that will benefit the community and all businesses in the area. By organising and promoting Jobsfairs, Trade Fairs and other Events for businesses, young people will achieve valuable work experience, learn and use the 38 competencies of business as well as gain life skills, knowledge and experience.

TYP Ltd will employ the young people of a community for specific tasks created after local consultation but to include a core service of mentoring and training of the next generation of fulltime education leavers.

What do you offer that’s new?

TYP Ltd works, essentially, in aiding young people to develop and find work through creative management of schemes and initiatives using a growing network of specialists to deliver what will work in a specific area or sector. TYP Ltd will work on all aspects of the preparation for young people to gain employment and start on a career development path; this includes preventative measures to encourage interest prior to leaving fulltime education through to re-engaging those that have tried without the success they had intended.

Who are TYP Ltd?

Gillian Humble has been working with young people for the past four years supporting them through education, personal training and employment. The present delivery organisations depend upon funding from county councils and will be limited as to how they can work with young people and as to what they can offer.

TYP Ltd is currently building a network of associates who will support Gillian in a unique delivery of options or assist in the structuring of sponsorship frameworks or partnerships

Gillian and her team are continually working to improve and maintain currency of the issues affecting young people and has a foundation degree in working with young people and young people services, CPCAB in counselling methods, a certificate in management studies and the NVQ4 in management. The network includes coaching and interpersonal skills, management consultants, maths and engineering graduate consultants and musicians for teaching or performing as directed by the ‘young’ associates of TYP Ltd.



Sir John Stanley MP for Tonbridge and Malling wrote “I was very interested to read about the Young Person Work Experience Scheme that you have imaginatively and constructively devised.”

Laurence Marriott (Work Experience)

“I found out about Target Your Potential through the West Kent Extra learn and return project and it is an experience like no other and totally different to what other people are doing, it is all about getting young people into work.

I am doing work experience with TYP and I am glad to be a part of it. Every day is a learning experience there’s always something new to learn. Gill is amazing in the way of how she does things and the understanding is awesome. It’s all about bringing business and young people together and bridges the gap in the middle. Young people are getting a job and the business is happy and that’s what it is all about.” 

Scott Ohene (Graphic Designer)

“Gillian Humble, Director and Head of Target Your Potential in a few words is simply a blessing to any youngster, student or graduate seeking direction, motivation and guidance as they embark their search into working life.

Gill has helped me in so many ways, from simply advising me, to giving me that extra boost in confidence to get out there and share my talents as a graphic designer.  She has provided me with a platform to be seen by employers which has led to a paid internship and paid freelance jobs with great new contacts she has introduced me too. 

Gill’s determination and drive to help the youth is fantastic and is exactly what any young person needs to push them forward.” 


Michelle Oquaye (Scott’s mum)

I first met Gill Humble at my place of work, West Kent Housing, Sevenoaks, where Gill held a Surgery every Wednesday. Gill was a bundle of laughs whilst at the same time very professional and dedicated to the young people she helped. Gill is very approachable and down to earth with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Gill (sadly for us) moved on to a different project after several months.

One morning at work, my phone rang and it was Gill, the same friendly voice. She had called to speak with a colleague of mine and during the conversation I happened to mention my son (Scott) was soon to Graduate and would be looking for work. Gill, ever supportive, quickly gave me her details and took my son’s. As promised, Gill called my son that very day and arranged to meet him. She picked him up shortly after her telephone call and took him to a meeting where she introduced him to various people who had their own businesses. Gill also introduced my son, Scott, to a gentleman who owns a Web Design company – my son had graduated in Graphic Design and Communications, his passion is to work in Advertising and Graphic Design. This again was not only a thoughtful gesture but allowed my son to broaden his knowledge and possibly gain experience in another area which would be an asset to the qualifications and experience he already has.

Gill has kept in touch with Scott and encouraged him along the way. Introducing Scott to various people has boosted his confidence and given him some much needed exposure with a better insight into how to start off a business no matter how small.

I emailed Gill one evening and told her how I would love to be bold enough to try something new with regards to a profession and she responded straight away with a lot of positive and encouraging feedback. She encouraged me to believe in myself, reminding me it was never too late to attain my goals and ambitions in life. Age is but a number!

I would recommend Gill any day to anyone seeking advice on how to get back to work, setting up a business or simply regaining confidence in one’s skills.

I wish you all the best Gill. Thank you so much for all your help, encouragement and dedication. You are one in a MILLION!


Elsie Coke LLM FCIPD (HR Senior Manager)

My son had been looking for part time work for over 2 years. In the current economic climate employers really have the pick of the bunch, and it is so demoralising to have constant rejection. I asked Gill if she would meet with my son and offer some advice as to how he could make the most of the little he had to put on a CV, and maybe some interview coaching if he were able to secure an interview.
Gill had a one to one meeting with my son, and it was clear from the outset what great rapport Gill was able to build. She really understood his world, and spoke his language. She was incredibly supportive and motivational, and I know he came away from the meeting feeling energised.
The following week he was offered an interview, and Gill followed up the one to one meeting with some telephone coaching on interview techniques. I’m sure that not only was the information of practical use, but feeling well prepared also gave him confidence.
I’m pleased to say that he got the job, and is now happily looking forward to his first month’s pay. I cannot thank Gill enough for her support, and I am convinced that her support was key in his success.


Mr D Easton, MD – Aztech Media

“Target your potential found us a suitable graphic design graduate for our young dynamic team. It’s been a few weeks so far and Scott is settling in well and fulfilling our main requirement to deliver our customers a better designed WordPress website.”