Until recently I had been working mainly by myself with support when I needed it, however, a number of factors have changed in a very positive way due to the outstanding success of the Edenbridge Jobsfair at the end of April. I have started to work with two likeminded agencies for the common good that also do outstanding work with young people, Burning2Learn with Alan Dean and his team, and Challenger Troop with Simon Dean and his team. Together we are creating and evolving Jobs fairs and Career fairs that are completely different. We ask young people what areas of specialisms they would like to see at the fair and we create the event to accommodate this! We also create/develop a holistic approach to supporting young people through to successful and sustained employment.

We are constantly looking and adapting our approach because we have already seen what can happen when society doesn’t get the support it so desperately needs. With funding diminishing rapidly and current agencies so busy and under pressure they are no longer in a position to provide the “Person Centred” or “Human centric” support needed, we are proactively looking ahead and trying to find alternative ways at how to source the money to help our next generation. We are concerned that the more funding decreases the more the vulnerable groups support deteriorates.

Employers are asking for young people to have specific “employability” skills in which to start work and the curriculum at schools does not offer these yet, so what do we do! We could of course continue to blame each other for the problem, or we could do something about it? By all working together and sharing our skills and resources we can start finding solutions!

TYP, B2L and Challenger Troop are finding solutions for our young people, but we need help with it. We already have some of the answers, but we need help, we don’t yet have the finance. We are searching for those very special businesses with an incredible social conscience that will commit to us the support we need to make this happen. Once we have this secured we can roll the idea out not only across the country but potentially across Europe as we are all experiencing similar difficulties. We as a society have managed to get ourselves into this; we must be responsible and proactive to get ourselves out of it.

What makes us different? We talk to young people and ask and work with what it is they want. So much more can be achieved when people engage and feel empowered. We also offer value for money and make what we do as sustainable as possible saving on time, money and resources, a much needed commodity in today’s society.

We would like to hear from you? From young people and what you think? From other likeminded businesses that are working in similar ways and would like to find out more about what we are doing? We believe that by working together we can make that difference!

Blog for Wednesday 13th August 2014

Tunbridge Wells Business Employment Innovation Event

We at Target Your Potential are getting together a group of very interested and innovative businesses wishing to help support young people into finding employment. This is such a refreshing and innovative approach finding businesses to help young people that we want to make the absolute most of this event.

The event will be held from a “Pop-Up” shop in Ely Court Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells over 5 days from the 15th – 19th September and will showcase businesses from 5 different industries. On the first day we will have Paul Andrews from the Business Bunker, and Kent Business Radio opening the event.  Paul is a great supporter of local community causes especially to help young people into employment.

Day one of the event will be devoted to Music and Creativity with businesses in attendance representing this industry, day two will be ICT and Animation, day three Retail, day four Catering and the final day will showcase Construction.

The idea for this event is for young people to come in and talk directly to businesses within specific industries so that they can make informed decisions for their next steps. We want to hear from young people and work towards the best outcomes for them. Young people are our future and have the skills required to take businesses into the next phase of technology to support the economy.

With the imminent exam results and decisions to be made for the future we will be available to come in to see for advice. As well as the businesses we will have people from Kent Foundation for Entrepreneurs, Kent Apprenticeships and Young People from The Acorn Hub in Swanley available to talk to. What makes us different? We want what is best for young people by listening to what they want and supporting them to aspire to it!

If you have any questions regarding the event or thought on what you would like to see then please contact Gill Humble on who will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you


Newsflash ! Tunbridge Wells Event!

There has been a change of venue for this event. With exceptional thanks to Nicky Blanchard the Centre Manager of Royal Victoria Place we are delighted to announce that the event has been moved to one of the main shops within the centre. The new venue is between Topshop and Monsoon on the lower floor of the mall and is much larger than we had originally anticipated which is fabulous for all the people who wanted to be part of this idea! Please contact us if you would like to be part of this?